Pharmacy wholesale Medifon

Medifon provides services for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies as a pharmaceutical and healthcare wholesaler, distributor and importer. Medifon is owned by The Association of Finnish Pharmacies. The company is in charge of development and marketing of Finnish pharmacies’ private label APTEEKKI.

APTEEKKI series: Private label of Finnish pharmacies

The official brand of Finnish pharmacies APTEEKKI is manufactured for Medifon. We are also marketer of the series. APTEEKKI product line contains products from several OTC product categories.

Logistic distribution co-operation with Medifon

Medifon is a logistic co-operator in pharmacy and healthcare business. There are hundreds of companies whose products we deliver to pharmacies and other healthcare companies.

Products targeted for pharmacy sales channel

Medifon sources products that are targeted for pharmacy market. We include in our portfolio brands and products that have demand in pharmacies. We are currently in co-operation with tens of brands.