Medifon provides services for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies as a pharmaceutical and healthcare wholesaler, distributor and importer. Medifon is owned by The Association of Finnish Pharmacies (AFP). The company develops and markets APTEEKKI products, a private label of AFP.

History of Medifon

Medifon was founded in 1981 to serve as a wholesaler for special pharmacy equipment and over-the-counter (OTC) products. Medifon is owned by The Association of Finnish Pharmacies.

During its first years Medifon sold, for example, pharmaceutical ingredients such as ibuprofen, ASA and caffeine. Over the years, Medifon has been a supplier for a wide variety of special equipment for daily use in pharmacies, for example, for the small-scale manufacturing and processing of pharmaceuticals.

Until the early 2010s, Medifon was a small company of only four employees with a 20 m2 warehouse in the AFP building in central Helsinki.

A strategy change was made in 2012 to better support the business of the AFP member pharmacies and to be ready to face changes in the operational environment. The development and growth of the product and service portfolio and distribution volume have enabled the company to multiply its turnover and number of employees. Medifon is now one of the most significant healthcare business companies in Finland.

The growth in operational volume has taken the company farther from the city center. Its current modern premises at Juvanmalmi in Espoo offer possibilities for the operational volume growth of the company for a long period.