Contact information

Oy Medifon Ab  tel.+358 20 7032 866

Managing Director Mika Flink


Distribution co-operation

Medifon is a logistic co-operator in pharmacy and healthcare business. There are hundreds of companies whose products we deliver to pharmacies and other healthcare companies.

If you are interested in distribution co-operation please send e-mail to address: 

Procurement, private label APTEEKKI

The official brand of Finnish pharmacies APTEEKKI is manufactured for Medifon. We are also marketer of the series. APTEEKKI product line contains products from several OTC product categories.

Contact person in procurement, product development co-operation and marketing of the series is Category Manager Eero Maljonen.


Procurement, other brands

Medifon sources products that are targeted for pharmacy market. We include in our portfolio brands and products that have demand in pharmacies. We are currently in co-operation with tens of brands.



Responsible for Logistics, Warehousing and Information Technology, Jyrki Ristinen, Logistics Manager.



Responsible Pharmacist is Riikka Renko-Kaski.

Contact:, tel. +358 45 788 42818